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In The Frame Catering

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Our Dinner parties

At In the Frame catering we believe it takes two things to create a magnificent dinner party; number one, the food being brilliant and number two the host being present to enjoy the evening, not stuck in the kitchen cooking and cleaning!

 We want to create a special and personal experience for you and your guests. Our own menus have been lovingly put together showcasing our style of simple yet delicious Italian cooking, that you are welcome to chose from, or we can tailor a menu to suit you and your taste.  We can also adapt a wide variety of our dishes for those who have allergies, intolerances, vegan, vegetarian, and just plain fussy! 

We source as much food as we can locally from Gloucestershire farms or close by. The area has an amazing abundance of fresh vegetables and organic meats, although the olive farms could do with a bit of help! 

If you're trying to decide on whether to have a chef at home or to go out to a restaurant, just look at a few of the many ways you can save money  by letting us come to you:

  • Taxi's to and from the restaurant can be very pricey particularly if you're in a rural location
  • Babysitters - if you have children! 
  • Wine - Mark up on even the most average of wines can be 300% plus - at home you can order the best of the best and get a good deal. 
  • The added extras on the bill - with us you know exactly what the costs will be before dinner so no nasty surprises on the bill

How our dinner parties work

  1. Tell us what you like (browse our menus for inspiration)
  2. We'll come back to you within 48 hours even when we're really busy: a phone call to chat about your event or if you prefer send you some ideas through straight away
  3. Menu decided and date, venue etc agreed, we take a 20% deposit to confirm the booking.
  4. We will then send you a detailed itinerary of your event to make sure every detail is as you would like, and change anything that isn't right.
  5. On the day, we will arrive at the pre-agreed time, cook your meal from fresh*, serve you and your guests with a relaxed but professional attitude, clean your kitchen and leave you to enjoy your evening, hassle-free!

* Any dishes that require a long cooking period or need to set will be made in advance.